Chapter 87.06 RCW



87.06.020Certificates of delinquencyPosting of certificates.
87.06.030Provision and review of list of delinquent properties subject to foreclosureCost comparison, determination not to foreclose.
87.06.040Commencement of action to foreclose assessment liensNotice and summonsRecording of notice of lis pendens.
87.06.050Payment on certificate of delinquency before foreclosure.
87.06.060Combining foreclosure proceedingsIrregularities or informalities in assessment role not illegalCorrectionInterested party may file written answerCourt's proceedings.
87.06.070Sale of foreclosed property.
87.06.080Notice of foreclosure saleConduct of saleRemittal of excess moneys.
87.06.090Treasurer's deedTitle free from certain encumbrances.
87.06.100Required payments before acquisition at foreclosure saleAcquisition by irrigation districtDistrict's property stricken from tax rollsSubsequent purchasers to pay assessments.
87.06.110Combined foreclosure for district and county assessments.
87.06.120Application of chapter to properties with assessments delinquent three or more years or acquired by the district under possibly legally defective proceedings.


Lien of assessment: RCW 87.03.265.