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Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsResolution.

Whenever any irrigation district organized and existing under the laws of this state, shall have entered into a contract, or contracts, with the department of ecology, for the sale to and purchase by the department of an entire authorized issue of the bonds of the district, for the purpose of procuring funds for district purposes, including the construction of an irrigation system for the district, and the department of ecology has advanced, under such contract, or contracts, funds for such purposes, and such funds have been expended for the purposes advanced, and there are no outstanding bonds of the district other than those which the district has contracted to sell the department of ecology, and it shall appear to the satisfaction of the board of directors of the district that the irrigation system, for the construction of which such funds were advanced and expended, will not furnish sufficient water for the successful irrigation of all of the lands within the district and that the district as constituted will be unable by assessments upon the lands of the district, as provided by law, to collect sufficient funds to meet the interest payments upon and pay the bonds at maturity, the board of directors of the district shall have the power by unanimous resolution to adopt a comprehensive proposed plan for reducing the boundaries of the district, excluding therefrom such portions of the lands of the district as in the judgment of the board cannot be furnished with sufficient water for successful irrigation, and refunding to the owners of such excluded lands, respectively, any moneys paid for assessments levied by the district upon the lands excluded, and to release any such excluded lands from all unpaid assessments levied by the district, which resolution shall give the boundaries to which it is proposed to reduce the district and the description of the lands it is proposed to exclude from the district by government subdivisions, or metes and bounds.
[ 1988 c 127 § 48; 1925 ex.s. c 138 § 1; RRS § 7505-1. Formerly RCW 87.44.250.]
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