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Exclusion of lands from districtOrder for electionNoticeConduct of election.

If the assent aforesaid of the holders of said bonds be filed and entered of record as aforesaid, and if there be objections presented by any person showing cause as aforesaid, which have not been withdrawn, then the board may order an election to be held in each district to determine whether an order shall be made excluding said land from said district, or excluding said former district from said consolidated district, as the case may be, and such former district be reestablished, as mentioned in said resolution. The notice of such election shall describe the boundary of all lands, or shall give the corporate name and number of the former district, which it is proposed to exclude, and such notice shall be published for at least two weeks prior to such election, in a newspaper published within the county where the office of the board of directors is situated; and if any portion of such territory to be excluded lie within another county or counties, then said notice shall be so published in a newspaper published within each of such counties. Such notice shall require the electors to cast ballots, which shall contain the words "For exclusion" and "Against exclusion", or words equivalent thereto. Such election shall be conducted in the manner prescribed in this chapter for the holding of special elections on the issuance of bonds. In every case where the petition is for the exclusion of a former district from a consolidated district the resolution of the board ordering an election shall provide for the holding of such election separately in the territory comprising such former district and in the territory comprising that portion of the consolidated district not included in such former district, and for canvassing and counting of the votes cast at such election separately.
[ 1921 c 129 § 41; 1915 c 179 § 26; 1889-90 p 701 § 66; RRS § 7492. Formerly RCW 87.44.210.]


Special elections on the issuance of bonds: RCW 87.03.200.
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