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Proposed works—Substance of director's findings.

In his or her findings said state director shall give generally his or her conclusions regarding the supply of water available for the project, the nature of the soil proposed to be irrigated and its susceptibility to irrigation, the duty of water for irrigation and the probable need of drainage, the probable cost of works, water rights, and other property necessary for the project, the conditions of land settlement therein, and the proper amount and dates of maturity of the bonds proposed to be issued, and such other matters as he or she deems pertinent to the success of the project, provided that said findings and conclusions shall be advisory only and shall not be binding upon the directors of the irrigation district.
[ 2013 c 23 s 494; 1923 c 138 s 7, part; RRS s 7431 1/2-3. Formerly RCW 87.12.030.]
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