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Proposed works—Surveys, maps and plans to be prepared.

For the purpose of construction, reconstruction, betterment, extension or acquisition of the necessary property and rights therefor, and otherwise carrying out the provisions of law relating to irrigation districts, the board of directors of any such district must, as soon after such district has been organized as may be practicable, and whenever thereafter the board deems it necessary or expedient to raise additional money for said purpose, cause the necessary surveys, examinations, maps and plans to be made and shall demonstrate the practicability of the general plan of the district's proposed works and furnish the proper basis for an estimate of the cost of carrying out the same.
[1923 c 138 s 7, part; RRS s 7431 1/2. Formerly RCW 87.12.010, part and 87.16.010.]


Map of district: RCW 87.03.775.
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