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ConveyancesActions by and against district.

The said board is hereby authorized and empowered to take conveyances or other assurances for all property acquired by it under the provisions of this act, in the name of such irrigation district, to and for the uses and purposes herein expressed, and to institute and maintain any and all actions and proceedings, suits at law or in equity, necessary or proper in order to fully carry out the provisions of this act, or to enforce, maintain, protect or preserve any and all rights, privileges and immunities created by this act, or acquired in pursuance thereof; and in all courts, actions, suits or proceedings, the said board may sue, appear and defend, in person or by attorneys, and in the name of such irrigation district.
[1889-90 p 679 § 14; RRS § 7431. Formerly RCW 87.01.230.]
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