Chapter 86.09 RCW



HTMLPDF 86.09.001Districts authorizedPurpose.
HTMLPDF 86.09.004Districts to provide control of waterTerritory includablePowers of district wholly within city or town.
HTMLPDF 86.09.010Authorized purposes.
HTMLPDF 86.09.013State school or other public lands includable.
HTMLPDF 86.09.016Interest in public lands considered as private propertyState or public title not affected.
HTMLPDF 86.09.019Federal lands includable.
HTMLPDF 86.09.020Certain powers and rights governed by chapter 85.38 RCW.
HTMLPDF 86.09.148District's corporate powers.
HTMLPDF 86.09.151General powers of districts.
HTMLPDF 86.09.154Sale, lease, use of water by district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.157Special assessment bonds authorizedPayment from income.
HTMLPDF 86.09.160Power of district to act for United States.
HTMLPDF 86.09.163Contracts with United States or stateSupervision of works.
HTMLPDF 86.09.166Contracts with United States or stateControl, management of worksContribution of funds.
HTMLPDF 86.09.169Contracts with United States or stateBonds as securityAnnual assessment and levy.
HTMLPDF 86.09.172Contracts with United States or stateWhen submission to electors required.
HTMLPDF 86.09.175Installment contractsApproval.
HTMLPDF 86.09.178Construction contractsPublic bids, procedure.
HTMLPDF 86.09.181Contractor's bond.
HTMLPDF 86.09.196Construction in parts or unitsLiability for assessment.
HTMLPDF 86.09.202Eminent domainAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 86.09.205Eminent domainProcedure.
HTMLPDF 86.09.208Eminent domainConsolidation of actionsSeparate verdicts.
HTMLPDF 86.09.211Eminent domainDamages, how determinedJudgment when damages exceed benefits.
HTMLPDF 86.09.214Eminent domainJudgment, when benefits equal or exceed damages.
HTMLPDF 86.09.217Eminent domainRight to levy on other land not affected.
HTMLPDF 86.09.220Eminent domainUnpaid damages to be applied in satisfaction of leviesDeficiency assessments.
HTMLPDF 86.09.223Eminent domainTitle and estate acquired.
HTMLPDF 86.09.226Right of entry to make surveys and locate works.
HTMLPDF 86.09.229Crossing road or public utilityNotice, plan, cost, etc.
HTMLPDF 86.09.232Right-of-way on state land, exception.
HTMLPDF 86.09.235Power to construct works inside or outside of district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.259Board of directorsNumberOfficers.
HTMLPDF 86.09.265Board of directorsQuorumMajority vote required.
HTMLPDF 86.09.268Board of directorsPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 86.09.271Board of directorsLocation of district officeChange of location.
HTMLPDF 86.09.274Board of directorsMeetingsChange of date.
HTMLPDF 86.09.277Board of directorsSpecial meetingsWhen notice requiredAuthorized business.
HTMLPDF 86.09.280Board of directorsMeetings and records publicPrinting of bylaws and rules.
HTMLPDF 86.09.283Board of directorsCompensation and expenses of members and employees.
HTMLPDF 86.09.286Board of directorsPersonal interest in contracts prohibitedPenaltyOfficer may be employed.
HTMLPDF 86.09.292Board of directorsChair of county commissioners may act when quorum not present.
HTMLPDF 86.09.301Board of directorsOath.
HTMLPDF 86.09.304Bond of officer or employee handling funds.
HTMLPDF 86.09.307BondsCost charged to district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.310Delivery of property to successor.
HTMLPDF 86.09.313Nearest county treasurer as ex officio district treasurer.
HTMLPDF 86.09.319Treasurer's liability.
HTMLPDF 86.09.322County treasurers to collect and remit assessments.
HTMLPDF 86.09.325Disbursement of funds by district treasurer.
HTMLPDF 86.09.328Monthly report by district treasurer.
HTMLPDF 86.09.377Voting rights.
HTMLPDF 86.09.379ElectionsInformality not fatal.
HTMLPDF 86.09.380Special assessmentsBudgetsAlternative methods.
HTMLPDF 86.09.382AssessmentsPresumption that land benefited by classBenefit ratio basis of assessment.
HTMLPDF 86.09.385AssessmentsBase map of lands within the district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.388AssessmentsAppointment of appraisersDetermination of benefit ratios.
HTMLPDF 86.09.391AssessmentsAppraisers' board, chair, and secretaryCompensation and expenses.
HTMLPDF 86.09.394AssessmentsClassification of lands according to benefitsFactors considered.
HTMLPDF 86.09.397AssessmentsClassification of lands by appraisersClasses described.
HTMLPDF 86.09.400AssessmentsPercentage of benefits to lands as classedRelative ratios.
HTMLPDF 86.09.403AssessmentsSurveys, investigations to determine classification and benefits.
HTMLPDF 86.09.406AssessmentsPermanency of ratios of benefits as fixed.
HTMLPDF 86.09.409AssessmentsAlternative method of determining benefit ratios.
HTMLPDF 86.09.412AssessmentsAlternative method, percentage shall fix the class.
HTMLPDF 86.09.415AssessmentsDetermining relative valuesGeneral tax rolls.
HTMLPDF 86.09.418AssessmentsRevision of benefit classificationAppointment of reappraisersEffect of reexamination.
HTMLPDF 86.09.419AssessmentsRevision of benefit classification, when subdivision, adjustment, or change in use of tractEffect of reexamination, process limitation.
HTMLPDF 86.09.421AssessmentsDescriptions of lands as appraised and classifiedMap and filing thereof.
HTMLPDF 86.09.424AssessmentsHearing on objections to assessment ratiosTimePlace.
HTMLPDF 86.09.427AssessmentsNotice of hearing, publication.
HTMLPDF 86.09.430AssessmentsContents of notice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 86.09.433AssessmentsConduct of hearingOrder.
HTMLPDF 86.09.439AssessmentsConclusiveness of base assessment map.
HTMLPDF 86.09.442AssessmentsCopies of base assessment map to be filed with county assessors.
HTMLPDF 86.09.445AssessmentsLevies to be made according to base assessment map.
HTMLPDF 86.09.448AssessmentsAppeal to courts.
HTMLPDF 86.09.451AssessmentsNotice of appeal.
HTMLPDF 86.09.454AssessmentsAppealStay bond, when required.
HTMLPDF 86.09.457AssessmentsCivil practice to applyCosts, liability of district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.460AssessmentsAppeal from superior to supreme court.
HTMLPDF 86.09.463AssessmentsCounty legislative authority's determination deemed prima facie correct on appeal.
HTMLPDF 86.09.466AssessmentsDistrict budgetApprovalBasis for assessment roll.
HTMLPDF 86.09.469AssessmentsAssessment roll, contentsHeadings.
HTMLPDF 86.09.472AssessmentsMargin for anticipated delinquencies.
HTMLPDF 86.09.475AssessmentsHow calculated.
HTMLPDF 86.09.478AssessmentsOmitted property may be back-assessed.
HTMLPDF 86.09.481AssessmentsLands in more than one county.
HTMLPDF 86.09.484Equalization of assessmentsNotice and time for meeting of board of equalization.
HTMLPDF 86.09.487Equalization of assessmentsMeeting of directors as board, length of timeCompletion of roll.
HTMLPDF 86.09.489Levy where total assessment less than two dollars.
HTMLPDF 86.09.490Assessment lienPriority.
HTMLPDF 86.09.493Payment of assessmentDate of delinquencyNotice to payAssessment bookStatements.
HTMLPDF 86.09.496Delinquency listPosting and publication.
HTMLPDF 86.09.499Sale for delinquent assessmentsPostponement.
HTMLPDF 86.09.502Sale for delinquent assessmentsHow conductedCertificate of saleDistrict as purchaserFee.
HTMLPDF 86.09.505Sale for delinquent assessmentsEntries in assessment bookBook open to inspectionLien vested in purchaser.
HTMLPDF 86.09.508Sale for delinquent assessmentsRedemption, when and how made.
HTMLPDF 86.09.511Sale for delinquent assessmentsEntry of redemptionDeed on demand if not redeemed in two yearsFee.
HTMLPDF 86.09.514Sale for delinquent assessmentsEffect and validity of deed.
HTMLPDF 86.09.517Sale for delinquent assessmentsMistake, misnomer does not affect sale.
HTMLPDF 86.09.520District lands exempt from general taxesLeasing, application of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 86.09.523Liability of city, town or subdivision for benefits to roads, streets, or sewer systems.
HTMLPDF 86.09.526Liability of public and private lands for benefits.
HTMLPDF 86.09.529Assessment payment by city, county, subdivisionPayment by state for highway benefit.
HTMLPDF 86.09.532District fundsCreated.
HTMLPDF 86.09.535District fundsExpense fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.538District fundsSurplus fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.541District fundsSuspense fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.544District fundsGeneral bond fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.547District fundsUtility bond fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.550District fundsContract fundCompositionUse.
HTMLPDF 86.09.553District fundsCustody and disbursement.
HTMLPDF 86.09.556Claims against district.
HTMLPDF 86.09.559Claims against districtFor administrative expenses, cost, maintenancePayroll.
HTMLPDF 86.09.562District funds paid by warrantException.
HTMLPDF 86.09.565Warrants paid in order of issuance.
HTMLPDF 86.09.592Utility revenue bondsAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 86.09.595Utility revenue bondsLimited obligationPayment from special fund.
HTMLPDF 86.09.598Utility revenue bondsForm, terms, interest, etc.
HTMLPDF 86.09.601Utility revenue bondsElection to authorize.
HTMLPDF 86.09.616Utility revenue bonds and couponsOrder of paymentWhen funds deficient.
HTMLPDF 86.09.619District directors to make provision for paymentProcedure on failure of directors.
HTMLPDF 86.09.621Special assessment bonds.
HTMLPDF 86.09.622Dissolution of districtsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 86.09.625Dissolution of districtsWhen complete.
HTMLPDF 86.09.700Revision of districtPetition.
HTMLPDF 86.09.703Revision of districtEstablishment of revised districtReview of benefitsLiability of original districtSegregation of funds.
HTMLPDF 86.09.710Annexation of territoryConsolidation of special districtsSuspension of operationsReactivation.
HTMLPDF 86.09.720Cooperative watershed management.
HTMLPDF 86.09.900Other statutes preserved.
HTMLPDF 86.09.910Chapter supplemental to other acts.
HTMLPDF 86.09.920Chapter liberally construed.


Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Special district creation and operation: Chapter 85.38 RCW.