Chapter 84.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.52.010Taxes levied or voted in specific amountsEffect of constitutional and statutory limitations.
HTMLPDF 84.52.018Calculation of tax levy rates when the assessment of highly valued property is in dispute.
HTMLPDF 84.52.020City and district budgets to be filed with county legislative authority.
HTMLPDF 84.52.025Budgets of taxing districts filed with county commissioners to indicate estimate of cash balance.
HTMLPDF 84.52.030Time of levy.
HTMLPDF 84.52.040Levies to be made on assessed valuation.
HTMLPDF 84.52.043Limitations upon regular property tax levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.044Limitations upon regular property tax leviesParticipating fire protection jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 84.52.050Limitation of levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.0502Rules for administration.
HTMLPDF 84.52.052Excess levies authorizedWhenProcedure.
HTMLPDF 84.52.053Levies by school districts authorizedWhenProcedure.
HTMLPDF 84.52.0531Enrichment levies by school districtsMaximum dollar amountEnrichment levy expenditure plan approvalRulesDeposit of funds.
HTMLPDF 84.52.054Excess leviesBallot contentsEventual dollar rate on tax rolls.
HTMLPDF 84.52.056Excess levies for capital purposes authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.058School districts with high/nonhigh relationship.
HTMLPDF 84.52.063Rural library district levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.065State levy for support of common schools.
HTMLPDF 84.52.067State levy for support of common schoolsDisposition of funds.
HTMLPDF 84.52.069Emergency medical care and service levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.070Certification of levies to assessor.
HTMLPDF 84.52.080Extension of taxes on rollsForm of certificateDelivery to treasurer.
HTMLPDF 84.52.085Property tax errors.
HTMLPDF 84.52.105Affordable housing levies authorizedDeclaration of emergency and plan required.
HTMLPDF 84.52.120Metropolitan park districtsProtection of levy from prorationingBallot proposition.
HTMLPDF 84.52.125Fire protection districts and regional fire protection service authoritiesProtection from levy prorationing.
HTMLPDF 84.52.130Fire protection district excess levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.135County levy for criminal justice purposes.
HTMLPDF 84.52.140Additional regular property tax levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.700County airport district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.703Mosquito control district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.706Rural county library district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.709Intercounty rural library district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.712Reduction of city levy if part of library district.
HTMLPDF 84.52.713Island library district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.718Levy by receiver of disincorporated city authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.719Second-class city levies.
HTMLPDF 84.52.721Unclassified city sewer fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.724City accident fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.727City emergency fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.730City lowlands and waterway projects levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.733Metropolitan municipal corporation levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.736Metropolitan park district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.739Code city accident fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.742County lands assessment fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.745General county levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.749County rail district tax levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.750Solid waste disposal districtExcess levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.751County hospital maintenance levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.754Park and recreation service area levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.757Park and recreation district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.760County road fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.761Road and bridge service district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.763City firemen's pension fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.769Reduction of city levy if part of fire protection district.
HTMLPDF 84.52.772Fire protection district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.775Port district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.778Public utility district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.784Water-sewer district levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.786Cultural arts, stadium and convention district tax levies authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.787Cemetery district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.790Public hospital district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.793Air pollution control agency levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.799Veteran's relief fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.802Acquisition of open space, etc., land or rights to future development by certain entitiesProperty tax levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.808River improvement fund levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.811Intercounty river control agreement levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.814Flood control zone district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.816Flood control zoneProrationing protection.
HTMLPDF 84.52.817District rehabilitationAssessmentsElectionNotice and hearing.
HTMLPDF 84.52.820Reclamation district levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.52.821Property tax.
HTMLPDF 84.52.823Levy for tax refund funds.
HTMLPDF 84.52.825Tax preferencesExpiration dates.


Levy for refunds: RCW 84.68.040.
Levy for services for persons with developmental disabilities or mental health services: RCW 71.20.110.