Chapter 84.33 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.33.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 84.33.035Definitions.
HTMLPDF 84.33.040Timber exempt from ad valorem taxation.
HTMLPDF 84.33.041State excise tax on harvesters of timber imposedCredit for county taxDeposit of moneys in timber tax distribution account.
HTMLPDF 84.33.046Excise tax rate July 1, 1988, and thereafter.
HTMLPDF 84.33.051County excise tax on harvesters of timber authorizedRateAdministration and collectionDeposit of moneys in timber tax distribution accountUse.
HTMLPDF 84.33.074Excise tax on harvesters of timberCalculation of tax by small harvestersElectionFiling form.
HTMLPDF 84.33.075Excise tax on harvesters of timberExemption for certain nonprofit organizations, associations, or corporations.
HTMLPDF 84.33.0775Timber harvest tax credit.
HTMLPDF 84.33.0776Timber harvest excise tax agreement credit.
HTMLPDF 84.33.078Harvesting and marketing costs for state or local government harvests.
HTMLPDF 84.33.081Distributions from timber tax distribution accountDistributions from county timber tax account.
HTMLPDF 84.33.086Payment of tax.
HTMLPDF 84.33.088Reporting requirements on timber purchase.
HTMLPDF 84.33.089Estimates of harvestable public forestlandAdjustments.
HTMLPDF 84.33.091Tables of stumpage valuesRevised tablesLegislative reviewAppeal.
HTMLPDF 84.33.096Application of excise taxes' administrative provisions and definitions.
HTMLPDF 84.33.130Forestland valuationApplication by owner that land be designated and valued as forestlandHearingRulesApproval, denial of applicationAppeal.
HTMLPDF 84.33.140Forestland valuationNotation of forestland designation upon assessment and tax rollsNotice of continuanceRemoval of designationCompensating tax.
HTMLPDF 84.33.145Compensating tax.
HTMLPDF 84.33.170Application of chapter to Christmas trees.
HTMLPDF 84.33.175Application of taxSale of land to governmental agency with reservation of rights to timberConveyance by governmental agency of trees.
HTMLPDF 84.33.200Legislative review of timber tax systemInformation and data to be furnished.
HTMLPDF 84.33.210Forestland valuationSpecial benefit assessments.
HTMLPDF 84.33.220Forestland valuationWithdrawal from designation or change in useLiability.
HTMLPDF 84.33.230Forestland valuationChange in designationNotice.
HTMLPDF 84.33.240Forestland valuationChange in classification or useApplication of payments.
HTMLPDF 84.33.250Forestland valuationSpecial benefit assessments.
HTMLPDF 84.33.260Forestland valuationWithdrawal from designation or change in useBenefit assessments.
HTMLPDF 84.33.270Forestland valuationGovernment future development rightConserving forestlandExemptions.
HTMLPDF 84.33.280Applicant for forestry riparian easement programDepartment to rely on certain documents.