Chapter 84.26 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.26.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 84.26.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 84.26.030Special valuation criteria.
HTMLPDF 84.26.040ApplicationFees.
HTMLPDF 84.26.050Referral of application to local review boardAgreementApproval or denial.
HTMLPDF 84.26.060Notice to assessor of approvalCertification and filingNotation of special valuation.
HTMLPDF 84.26.070Valuation.
HTMLPDF 84.26.080Duration of special valuationNotice of disqualification.
HTMLPDF 84.26.090Disqualification for valuationAdditional taxLienExceptions from additional tax.
HTMLPDF 84.26.100Payment of additional taxDistribution.
HTMLPDF 84.26.110Special valuationRequest for assistance from state historic preservation officer authorized.
HTMLPDF 84.26.120Rules.
HTMLPDF 84.26.130Appeals from decisions on applications.