Chapter 81.88 RCW



HTMLPDF 81.88.005IntentFindings.
HTMLPDF 81.88.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 81.88.020Pipeline corporationsRegulationEminent domain.
HTMLPDF 81.88.030Pipeline carriers regulated as common carriers.
HTMLPDF 81.88.040ViolationsRulesPenaltiesInjunctive relief.
HTMLPDF 81.88.050Pipeline safety account.
HTMLPDF 81.88.060Hazardous liquid pipelinesSafetyCommission's duties.
HTMLPDF 81.88.065Gas pipelinesSafetyCommission's duties.
HTMLPDF 81.88.070Prevention of third-party excavation damageDevelopment and distribution of training curricula.
HTMLPDF 81.88.080Pipeline mapping systemCommission specifications and evaluations.
HTMLPDF 81.88.090Federal certification for pipeline safety programCommission's duties.
HTMLPDF 81.88.100Commission inspection of records, maps, or written procedures.
HTMLPDF 81.88.110Pipeline company duties after notice of excavation.
HTMLPDF 81.88.140Citizens committee on pipeline safetyDutiesMembership.
HTMLPDF 81.88.160Gas pipeline company report to the commissionKnown leaks in pipelinesInformation requiredEstimated volume of leaked gasProvision of information on commission's websiteTransmission of information to department of ecologyCertain information exempt from disclosure.
HTMLPDF 81.88.900Conflict with federal requirements2000 c 191.
HTMLPDF 81.88.901Short title2000 c 191.
HTMLPDF 81.88.902Effective date2000 c 191.