Chapter 81.53 RCW



81.53.020Grade separation required where practicable.
81.53.030Petition for crossingHearingOrder.
81.53.040Supplemental hearingChange of route.
81.53.050Requirements of order on change of route.
81.53.060Petition for alteration of crossingClosure of grade crossing without hearing.
81.53.080Restrictions on structures, railway equipment, in proximity of crossingsMinimum clearance for under-crossings.
81.53.090Duty to maintain crossings.
81.53.100Cost when railroad crosses highway.
81.53.110Cost when highway crosses railroad.
81.53.120Cost when railroad crosses railroad.
81.53.130Apportionment of cost.
81.53.140Time for performance.
81.53.150Practice and procedure.
81.53.160Service of process.
81.53.170Judicial review.
81.53.180Eminent domain.
81.53.190Abatement of illegal crossings.
81.53.200Mandamus to compel performance.
81.53.220Obstructions in highways.
81.53.230No new right of action conferred.
81.53.240Scope of chapter.
81.53.250Employment of experts.
81.53.261Crossing signals, warning devicesPetitionHearingOrderCosts apportionmentRecords not evidence for actionsAppeal.
81.53.271Crossing signals, warning devicesPetition contentsApportionment of installation and maintenance costs.
81.53.275Crossing signals, warning devicesApportionment when funds not available from grade crossing protective fund.
81.53.281Crossing signals, warning devicesGrade crossing protective fundUse and transfer of fundsAllocation of costsProcedureFederal funding.
81.53.291Crossing signals, warning devicesOperational scopeElection by first-class citiesProcedure.
81.53.295Crossing signals, warning devices, etc.Federal funds used to pay installation costsGrade crossing protective fundState and local authorities to pay remaining installation costsRailroad to pay maintenance costs.
81.53.400Traffic control devices during construction, repair, etc. of crossing or overpassRequired.
81.53.410Traffic control devices during construction, repair, etc. of crossing or overpassStandards and conditions.
81.53.420Traffic control devices during construction, repair, etc. of crossing or overpassRules.
81.53.430Safety standards for private crossings along railroad tracks over which crude oil is transportedAdoption of rules.
81.53.900Effective date1975 1st ex.s. c 189.


Counties, signs, signals, etc.: RCW 36.86.040.
Railroad intersections, crossings, etc.: State Constitution Art. 12 § 13.
Traffic devices required by utilities and transportation commission: RCW 47.36.050.
Underpasses, overpasses constructed with federal funds, maintenance cost apportionment for: RCW 47.28.150.