Chapter 81.112 RCW



81.112.030FormationSubmission of ballot propositions to voters.
81.112.040Board appointmentsVotingExpenses.
81.112.050Area includedElections.
81.112.070General powers.
81.112.080Additional powersAcquisition of facilitiesDisposal of propertyRates, tolls, fares, charges.
81.112.086Maintenance plan.
81.112.090Agreements with operators of high capacity transportation services.
81.112.100Transfer of local government powers to authority.
81.112.110Acquisition of existing systemComponents.
81.112.130General obligation bonds.
81.112.140Revenue bonds.
81.112.150Local improvement districts authorizedSpecial assessment bonds.
81.112.160County assessor's duties.
81.112.170Interim financing.
81.112.180Rail fixed guideway public transportation systemSafety program plan and security and emergency preparedness plan.
81.112.190Requirements for signage.
81.112.210Fare paymentFines and penalties establishedFare enforcement systemEnforcement.
81.112.220Fare paymentProof of paymentCivil infractions, violations punishable according to an alternative fare enforcement system.
81.112.230Fare paymentProsecution for theft, trespass, or other charges.
81.112.235Power conferred is supplemental.
81.112.300Sale and leaseback, similar transactionsAuthorized.
81.112.310Sale and leasebackConditions.
81.112.320Sale and leasebackCreation of public entity.
81.112.330Sale and leasebackRestrictions, requirements.
81.112.340Supplemental transportation improvements.
81.112.350Transit-oriented development strategy system planRequirementsDefinitionsQuarterly reports.
81.112.360Sales and use tax offset fee.
81.112.900Section headings not part of law1992 c 101.
81.112.902Effective date1992 c 101.


Additional powers: RCW 81.104.120.
Funding sources
employer taxes: RCW 81.104.150.
sales and use taxes: RCW 81.104.170.