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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Enhanced service zone" means an area within a regional transit authority district created pursuant to RCW 81.104.220.
(2) "High capacity transportation corridor area" means a quasi-municipal corporation and independent taxing authority within the meaning of Article VII, section 1 of the state Constitution, and a taxing district within the meaning of Article VII, section 2 of the state Constitution, created by a transit agency governing body.
(3) "High capacity transportation system" means a system of public transportation services within an urbanized region operating principally on exclusive rights-of-way, and the supporting services and facilities necessary to implement such a system, including interim express services and high occupancy vehicle lanes, which taken as a whole, provides a substantially higher level of passenger capacity, speed, and service frequency than traditional public transportation systems operating principally in general purpose roadways.
(4) "Rail fixed guideway public transportation system" means a rail fixed guideway system, but does not include a system that is not public transportation, such as seasonal, tourist, or intraterminal service.
(5) "Rail fixed guideway system" means a light, heavy, or rapid rail system, monorail, inclined plane, funicular, trolley, or other fixed rail guideway component of a high capacity transportation system that is not regulated by the federal railroad administration, or its successor. "Rail fixed guideway system" does not mean elevators, moving sidewalks or stairs, and vehicles suspended from aerial cables, unless they are an integral component of a station served by a rail fixed guideway system.
(6) "Regional transit system" means a high capacity transportation system under the jurisdiction of one or more transit agencies except where a regional transit authority created under chapter 81.112 RCW exists, in which case "regional transit system" means the high capacity transportation system under the jurisdiction of a regional transit authority.
(7) "Transit agency" means city-owned transit systems, county transportation authorities, metropolitan municipal corporations, and public transportation benefit areas.


Effective date2016 c 33: See note following RCW 81.104.115.
Effective date1999 c 202: See note following RCW 35.21.228.
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