Chapter 80.01 RCW



HTMLPDF 80.01.010Commission createdAppointment of membersTermsVacanciesRemovalSalary.
HTMLPDF 80.01.020CommissionersOath, bond, and qualificationsPersons excluded from office and employment.
HTMLPDF 80.01.030Commission to employ secretary and other assistantsSecretary's dutiesDeputies.
HTMLPDF 80.01.035Appointment of commissioners pro tempore.
HTMLPDF 80.01.040General powers and duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 80.01.050QuorumHearingsActions deemed those of the commission.
HTMLPDF 80.01.060Administrative law judgesPowers.
HTMLPDF 80.01.070Joint investigations, hearings, orders.
HTMLPDF 80.01.075Authority to initiate, participate in federal administrative agency proceedings.
HTMLPDF 80.01.080Public service revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 80.01.090Proceedings public recordsSeal.
HTMLPDF 80.01.100Duties of attorney general.
HTMLPDF 80.01.110Wholesale telecommunications servicesCommission authorized to review rates, terms, conditions.
HTMLPDF 80.01.300Certain provisions not to detract from commission powers, duties, and functions.


Broadband mapping, deployment, and adoptionReports: RCW 43.330.409.
Collection agencies, retained by public bodies to collect debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
Solid waste collection districts in counties, commission findings necessary: RCW 36.58A.030.