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Contracts for financial assistanceOwnership of sewage pumpout or dump unitOngoing costs.

(1) Marinas and boat launches designated as appropriate for installation of a sewage pumpout or dump unit under RCW 79A.60.530 shall be eligible for funding support for installation of such facilities from funds specified in RCW 79A.60.590. The commission shall notify owners or operators of all designated marinas and boat launches of the designation, and of the availability of funding to support installation of appropriate sewage disposal facilities. The commission shall encourage the owners and operators to apply for available funding.
(2) The commission shall seek to provide the most cost-efficient and accessible facilities possible for reducing the amount of boat waste entering the state's waters. The commission shall consider providing funding support for portable pumpout facilities in this effort.
(3) The commission shall contract with, or enter into an interagency agreement with another state agency to contract with, applicants based on the criteria specified below:
(a)(i) Contracts may be awarded to publicly owned, tribal, or privately owned marinas or boat launches.
(ii) Contracts may provide for state reimbursement to cover eligible costs as deemed reasonable by commission rule. Eligible costs include purchase, installation, or major renovation of the sewage pumpout or dump units, including sewer, water, electrical connections, and those costs attendant to the purchase, installation, and other necessary appurtenances, such as required pier space, as determined by the commission.
(iii) Ownership of the sewage pumpout or dump unit will be retained by the state through the commission in privately owned marinas. Ownership of the sewage pumpout or dump unit in publicly owned marinas will be held by the public entity.
(iv) Operation, normal and expected maintenance, and ongoing utility costs will be the responsibility of the contract recipient. The sewage pumpout or dump unit shall be kept in operating condition and available for public use at all times during operating hours of the facility, excluding necessary maintenance periods.
(v) The contract recipient agrees to allow the installation, existence and use of the sewage pumpout or dump unit by granting an irrevocable license for a minimum of ten years at no cost to the commission.
(b) Contracts awarded pursuant to (a) of this subsection shall be subject, for a period of at least ten years, to the following conditions:
(i) Any contract recipient entering into a contract under this section must allow the boating public access to the sewage pumpout or dump unit during operating hours.
(ii) The contract recipient must agree to monitor and encourage the use of the sewage pumpout or dump unit, and to cooperate in any related boater environmental education program administered or approved by the commission.
(iii) The contract recipient must agree not to charge a fee for the use of the sewage pumpout or dump unit.
(iv) The contract recipient must agree to arrange and pay a reasonable fee for a periodic inspection of the sewage pumpout or dump unit by the local health department or appropriate authority.
(v) Use of a free sewage pumpout or dump unit by the boating public shall be deemed to be included in the term "outdoor recreation" for the purposes of chapter 4.24 RCW.


Intent1993 c 244: See note following RCW 79A.60.010.
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