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Casualty and accident reportsConfidentialityUse as evidence.

(1) All reports made to the commission pursuant to RCW 79A.60.200 and 79A.05.310 shall be without prejudice to the person who makes the report and shall be for the confidential usage of governmental agencies, except as follows:
(a) Statistical information which shall be made public;
(b) The names and addresses of the operator and owner and the registration number or name of the vessel as documented which was involved in an accident or casualty and the names and addresses of any witnesses which, if reported, shall be disclosed upon written request to any person involved in a reportable accident, or, for a reportable casualty, to any member of a decedent's family or the personal representatives of the family.
(2) A report made to the commission pursuant to RCW 79A.60.200 and 79A.05.310 or copy thereof shall not be used in any trial, civil or criminal, arising out of an accident or casualty, except that solely to prove a compliance or failure to comply with the report requirements of RCW 79A.60.200 and 79A.05.310, a certified statement which indicates that a report has or has not been made to the commission shall be provided upon demand to any court or upon written request to any person who has or claims to have made a report.


Severability1999 c 249: See note following RCW 79A.05.010.
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