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Personal flotation devicesInspection and approvalRules.

(1) The commission shall adopt rules providing for its inspection and approval of the personal flotation devices that may be used to satisfy the requirements of this chapter and governing the manner in which such devices shall be used. The commission shall prescribe the different types of devices that are appropriate for the different uses, such as water skiing or operation of a personal watercraft. In adopting its rules the commission shall consider the United States coast guard rules or regulations. The commission may approve devices inspected and approved by the coast guard without conducting any inspection of the devices itself.
(2) In situations where personal flotation devices are required under provisions of this chapter, the devices shall be in good and serviceable condition and of appropriate size. If they are not, then they shall not be considered as personal flotation devices under such provisions.
[ 1993 c 244 § 12. Formerly RCW 88.12.095.]


Intent1993 c 244: See note following RCW 79A.60.010.
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