Chapter 79A.55 RCW



HTMLPDF 79A.55.005Legislative findingPurpose.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.020Management policiesDevelopmentInclusion of management plansIdentification and exclusion of unsuitably developed landsBoundaries of river areasHearingsNoticeStudiesProposals for system additions.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.030Administration of management programPowers, duties, and authority of commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.040State agencies and local governments to pursue policies to conserve and enhance included river areasShoreline management actPrivate landsTrust lands.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.050Criteria for inclusion of rivers within system.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.060Authority of department of fish and wildlife unaffected.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.070Rivers designated as part of system.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.080Inclusion of state's scenic rivers in national wild and scenic river system not precluded.
HTMLPDF 79A.55.090Funds from certain accounts not to be used.