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Ski area sign requirements.

(1) The operator of any ski area shall maintain a sign system based on international or national standards and as may be required by the state parks and recreation commission.
All signs for instruction of the public shall be bold in design with wording short, simple, and to the point. All such signs shall be prominently placed.
Entrances to all machinery, operators', and attendants' rooms shall be posted to the effect that unauthorized persons are not permitted therein.
The sign "Working on Lift" or a similar warning sign shall be hung on the main disconnect switch and at control points for starting the auxiliary or prime mover when a person is working on the passenger tramway.
(2) All signs required for normal daytime operation shall be in place, and those pertaining to the tramway, lift, or tow operations shall be adequately lighted for night skiing.
(3) If a particular trail or run has been closed to the public by an operator, the operator shall place a notice thereof at the top of the trail or run involved, and no person shall ski on a run or trail which has been designated "Closed".
(4) An operator shall place a notice at the embarking terminal or terminals of a lift or tow which has been closed that the lift or tow has been closed and that a person embarking on such a lift or tow shall be considered to be a trespasser.
(5) Any snow making machines or equipment shall be clearly visible and clearly marked. Snow grooming equipment or any other vehicles shall be equipped with a yellow flashing light at any time the vehicle is moving on or in the vicinity of a ski run; however, low profile vehicles, such as snowmobiles, may be identified in the alternative with a flag on a mast of not less than six feet in height.
(6) The operator of any ski area shall maintain a readily visible sign on each rope tow, wire rope tow, j-bar, t-bar, ski lift, or other similar device, advising the users of the device that:
(a) Any person not familiar with the operation of the lift shall ask the operator thereof for assistance and/or instruction; and
(b) The skiing-ability level recommended for users of the lift and the runs served by the device shall be classified "easiest", "more difficult", and "most difficult".


Severability1989 c 81: See note following RCW 79A.45.020.
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