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Orders directing repairs, improvements, changes, etc.NoticeForbidding operation.

The state parks and recreation commission shall have the authority and the responsibility for the inspection of the devices set forth in RCW 79A.40.010 and in addition shall have the following powers and duties:
(1) Whenever the commission, after hearing called upon its own motion or upon complaint, finds that additional apparatus, equipment, facilities or devices for use or in connection with the transportation or conveyance of persons upon the devices set forth in RCW 79A.40.010, ought reasonably to be provided, or any repairs or improvements to, or changes in, any theretofore in use ought reasonably to be made, or any additions or changes in construction should reasonably be made thereto, in order to promote the security and safety of the public or employees, it may make and serve an order directing such repairs, improvements, changes, or additions to be made.
(2) If the commission finds that the equipment, or appliances in connection therewith, or the apparatus, or other structures of the recreational device set forth in RCW 79A.40.010 are defective, and that the operation thereof is dangerous to the employees of the owner or operator of such device or to the public, it shall immediately give notice to the owner or operator of such device of the repairs or reconstruction necessary to place the same in a safe condition, and may prescribe the time within which they shall be made. If, in its opinion, it is needful or proper, the commission may forbid the operation of the device until it is repaired and placed in a safe condition.
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