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Washington state horse park authorityPowers.

To meet its responsibility for developing, promoting, operating, managing, and maintaining the state horse park, the authority is empowered to do the following:
(1) Exercise the general powers authorized for any nonprofit corporation as specified in RCW 24.03A.140. All debts of the authority shall be in the name of the authority and shall not be debts of the state of Washington for which the state or any state agency shall have any obligation to pay; and the authority may not issue bonds. Neither the full faith and credit of the state nor the state's taxing power is pledged for any indebtedness of the authority;
(2) Employ and discharge at its discretion employees, agents, advisors, and other personnel;
(3) Apply for or solicit, accept, administer, and dispose of grants, gifts, and bequests of money, services, securities, real estate, or other property. However, if the authority accepts a donation designated for a specific purpose, the authority shall use the donation for the designated purpose;
(4) Establish, revise, collect, manage, and expend such fees and charges at the state horse park as the authority deems necessary to accomplish its responsibilities;
(5) Make such expenditures as are appropriate for paying the administrative costs and expenses of the authority and the state horse park;
(6) Authorize use of the state horse park facilities by the general public and by and for compatible nonequestrian events as the authority deems reasonable, so long as the primacy of the center for horse-related purposes is not compromised;
(7) Insure its obligations and potential liability;
(8) Enter into cooperative agreements with and provide for private nonprofit groups to use the state horse park facilities and property to raise money to contribute gifts, grants, and support to the authority for the purposes of this chapter;
(9) Grant concessions or leases at the state horse park upon such terms and conditions as the authority deems appropriate, but in no event shall the term of a concession or lease exceed twenty-five years. Concessions and leases shall be consistent with the purposes of this chapter and may be renegotiated at least every five years; and
(10) Generally undertake any and all lawful acts necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes for which the authority and the state horse park are created.


Effective date2021 c 176: See note following RCW 24.03A.005.
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