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The legislature finds that:
(1) Horses are part of a large, highly diverse, and vital industry which provides significant economic, employment, recreational, and educational contributions to residents of and visitors to the state of Washington;
(2) Currently there is no adequate facility in the Pacific Northwest with the acreage, services, and capacity to host large regional horse shows, national championships, or Olympics-quality events to showcase and promote this important Washington industry;
(3) Establishing a first-class horse park facility in Washington would meet important needs of the state's horse industry, attract investment, enhance recreational opportunities, and bring new exhibitors and tourists to the state from throughout the region and beyond; and
(4) A unique opportunity exists to form a partnership between state, county, and private interests to create a major horse park facility that will provide public recreational opportunities and statewide economic and employment benefits.
It is the purpose of this legislation to create the framework for such a partnership to facilitate development of the Washington state horse park. It is further the intent of the legislature that the state horse park shall be developed in stages, based on factors such as the availability of funds, equipment, and other materials donated by private sources; the availability and willingness of volunteers to work on park development; and the availability of revenues generated by the state horse park as it is developed and utilized.
[ 1995 c 200 § 1. Formerly RCW 67.18.005.]
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