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The Green River Gorge, between the town of Kanasket and the Kummer bridge in King county, is a twelve mile spectacularly winding gorge with steep to overhanging rock walls reaching heights of from one hundred fifty to three hundred feet. The beauty and natural features of the gorge are generally confined within the canyon rim. This twelve mile gorge area contains many examples of unique biological and geological features for educational and recreational interpretation, almost two miles of Eocene sediment rocks and fossils are exposed revealing one of the most complete stratographic sections to be found in the region. The area, a unique recreational attraction with more than one million seven hundred thousand people living within an hour's driving time, is presently used by hikers, geologists, fishers, kayakers and canoeists, picnickers and swimmers, and those seeking the solitude offered by this unique area. Abutting and adjacent landowners generally have kept the gorge lands in their natural state; however, economic and urbanization pressures for development are rapidly increasing. Local and state outdoor recreation plans show a regional need for resources and facilities which could be developed in this area. A twelve-mile strip incorporating the visual basins of the Green river from the Kummer bridge to Palmer needs to be acquired and developed as a conservation area to preserve this unique area for the recreational needs of the region.
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