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Underwater parksAuthority to establishPowers and duties.

The commission may establish a system of underwater parks to provide for diverse recreational diving opportunities and to conserve and protect unique marine resources of the state of Washington. In establishing and maintaining an underwater park system, the commission may:
(1) Plan, construct, and maintain underwater parks;
(2) Acquire property and enter management agreements with other units of state government for the management of lands, tidelands, and bedlands as underwater parks;
(3) Construct artificial reefs and other underwater features to enhance marine life and recreational uses of an underwater park;
(4) Accept gifts and donations for the benefit of underwater parks;
(5) Facilitate private efforts to construct artificial reefs and underwater parks;
(6) Work with the federal government, local governments and other appropriate agencies of state government, including but not limited to: The department of natural resources, the department of fish and wildlife and the natural heritage council to carry out the purposes of this chapter; and
(7) Contract with other state agencies or local governments for the management of an underwater park unit.


Severability1999 c 249: See note following RCW 79A.05.010.
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