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Powers and dutiesProgram of boating safety educationCasualty and accident reporting program.

The state parks and recreation commission shall:
(1) Coordinate a statewide program of boating safety education using to the maximum extent possible existing programs offered by the United States power squadron and the United States coast guard auxiliary;
(2) Adopt rules in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW, consistent with United States coast guard regulations, standards, and precedents, as needed for the efficient administration and enforcement of this section;
(3) Enter into agreements aiding the administration of this chapter;
(4) Adopt and administer a casualty and accident reporting program consistent with United States coast guard regulations;
(5) Adopt and enforce recreational boating safety rules, including but not necessarily limited to equipment and navigating requirements, consistent with United States coast guard regulations;
(6) Coordinate with local and state agencies the development of biennial plans and programs for the enhancement of boating safety, safety education, and enforcement of safety rules and laws; allocate money appropriated to the commission for these programs as necessary; and accept and administer any public or private grants or federal funds which are obtained for these purposes under chapter 43.88 RCW; and
(7) Take additional actions necessary to gain acceptance of a program of boating safety for this state under the federal boating safety act of 1971.


Penalties for violations: RCW 88.02.380.
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