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Permits for improvement of parksLimitations.

The state parks and recreation commission may grant permits to individuals, groups, churches, charities, organizations, agencies, clubs, or associations to improve any state park or parkway, or any lands belonging to the state and withdrawn from sale under the provisions of this chapter. These improvements shall not interfere with access to or use of such public lands or facilities by the general public and shall benefit the public in terms of safety, recreation, aesthetics, or wildlife or natural area preservation. These improvements on public lands and facilities shall be for the use of all members of the general public.
[ 1999 c 59 s 2; 1982 c 156 s 1; 1965 c 8 s 43.51.130. Prior: 1929 c 83 s 1; RRS s 10946-1. Formerly RCW 43.51.130.]
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