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Lease of parklands for television stations.

The state parks and recreation commission is hereby authorized to lease the use of such areas in Mount Spokane state park, Steptoe Butte state park, Kamiak Butte state park or any other state park for television stations as the commission may decide are suitable for that purpose: PROVIDED, That this authority shall not extend to school lands or lands held by the state of Washington for educational purposes.
[ 1965 c 8 s 43.51.062. Prior: 1953 c 39 s 1. Formerly RCW 43.51.062.]


Validating1953 c 39: "Any lease authorizing the use of any portion of Mount Spokane state park for a television station which the state parks and recreation commission has already made is hereby validated and confirmed, and the parties thereto are bound by the terms thereof." [ 1953 c 39 s 2.]
Construction1953 c 39: "The authority conferred by this act is in addition to the powers and authority now conferred upon the state parks and recreation commission, and this act shall not be construed to repeal or limit, by implication or otherwise, any authority or power now conferred by law upon the state parks and recreation commission." [ 1953 c 39 s 3.]
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