Chapter 79.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 79.44.003"Assessing district" defined.
HTMLPDF 79.44.004"Assessment" defined.
HTMLPDF 79.44.010Lands subject to local assessments.
HTMLPDF 79.44.020State to be charged its proportion of costConstruction of chapter.
HTMLPDF 79.44.030Apportioning cost on leaseholds.
HTMLPDF 79.44.040Notice to state of intention to improve, or impose assessmentConsentNotice to port commission.
HTMLPDF 79.44.050Certification of rollPenalties, interest.
HTMLPDF 79.44.060Payment procedureLands not subject to lien, exception.
HTMLPDF 79.44.070Enforcement against lessee or contract holder.
HTMLPDF 79.44.080Foreclosure against leasehold or contract interestCancellation of lease or contract.
HTMLPDF 79.44.090Payment by state after forfeiture of lease or contract.
HTMLPDF 79.44.095Assessments paid by state to be added to purchase price of land.
HTMLPDF 79.44.100Assignment of lease or contract to purchaser at foreclosure sale.
HTMLPDF 79.44.120When assessments need not be added in certain cases.
HTMLPDF 79.44.130Local provisions superseded.
HTMLPDF 79.44.140Application of chapterEminent domain assessments.
HTMLPDF 79.44.190Acquisition of property by state or political subdivision which is subject to unpaid assessments or delinquenciesPayment of lien or installments.


Diking, drainage and sewerage improvement district assessments: RCW 85.08.370.
Diking and drainage district assessments: RCW 85.05.390.
Flood control district assessments: RCW 86.09.523, 86.09.526, 86.09.529.
Intercounty diking and drainage district assessments: RCW 85.24.275.
Irrigation district assessments: RCW 87.03.025.
Special benefit assessments for farm and agricultural land or timberland: RCW 84.34.300 through 84.34.390.