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Penalty for violation of orders.

In case any person, firm or corporation, owning or operating any private railroad, skid road, flume, canal, watercourse or other easement, over and across any state lands, or any lands acquired since the fifteenth day of June, 1911, or hereafter acquired, from the state, subject to the provisions of the preceding sections, shall violate or fail to comply with any rule, regulation or order made by the utilities and transportation commission, after an inquiry and hearing as provided in the preceding section, such person, firm or corporation, shall be subject to a penalty of not to exceed one thousand dollars for each and every violation thereof, and in addition thereto such right-of-way, private road, skid road, flume, canal, watercourse or other easement and all improvements and structures on such right-of-way, and connected therewith, shall revert to the state or to the owner of the land over which such right-of-way is located, and may be recovered in an action instituted in any court of competent jurisdiction.


SavingsCaptionsSeverabilityEffective dates1982 1st ex.s. c 21: See RCW 79.135.900 through 79.135.904.
Similar enactment: RCW 79.36.640.
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