Chapter 79.19 RCW



HTMLPDF 79.19.010Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 79.19.020Land bankCreatedPurchase of property authorized.
HTMLPDF 79.19.030Exchange or sale of property held in land bank.
HTMLPDF 79.19.040Management of property held in land bank.
HTMLPDF 79.19.050Use of income from the sale of property.
HTMLPDF 79.19.060Reimbursement for costs and expenses.
HTMLPDF 79.19.080Identification of trust lands expected to convert to commercial, residential, or industrial usesHearingNoticeDesignation as urban lands.
HTMLPDF 79.19.090Exchange of urban land for land bank landNotification of affected public agencies.
HTMLPDF 79.19.100Urban landsCooperative planning, development.
HTMLPDF 79.19.110Lands for commercial, industrial, or residential usePayment of in-lieu of property taxDistribution.
HTMLPDF 79.19.120Land bank account.
HTMLPDF 79.19.901Effective date1984 c 222.