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University demonstration forest and experiment station.

For the purpose of securing an area suitable for a demonstration forest and forest experiment station for the University of Washington authority is hereby granted the board of regents of the University of Washington and the department with the approval of the board, acting with the advice and approval of the attorney general, to exchange all or any portion of the granted lands of the University of Washington assigned for the support of said university by section 9 of chapter 122 of the act of March 14, 1893, enacted by the legislature of Washington, being entitled, "An act providing for the location, construction and maintenance of the University of Washington, and making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency," for all or any portion of such lands as may be acquired by the state under and by virtue of chapter 102, Laws of 1913, being: "An act relating to lands granted to the state for common schools and for educational, penal, reformatory, charitable, capitol buildings and other purposes providing for the completion of such grants and the relinquishment of certain granted lands; and making an appropriation," approved March 18, 1913, by exchange with the United States in the Pilchuck-Sultan-Wallace watersheds included within the present boundaries of the Snoqualmie national forest. The board of regents and department with the advice and approval required by this section are hereby authorized to execute such agreements, writings, or relinquishments as are necessary or proper for the purpose of carrying said exchange into effect and such agreements or other writings to be executed in duplicate, one to be filed with the department and one to be delivered to the board of regents. The exchange shall be made upon the basis of equal values to be determined by careful valuation of the areas to be exchanged.
[ 2003 c 334 s 446; 1917 c 66 s 1; RRS s 7848. Formerly RCW 79.08.070.]


Reviser's note: 1893 c 122 s 9 referred to herein reads as follows: "That 100,000 acres of the lands granted by section 17 of the enabling act, approved February 22, 1889, for state, charitable, educational, penal and reformatory institutions are hereby assigned for the support of the University of Washington."
Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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