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Sale by public auction/sealed bidException.

All sales of valuable materials shall be at public auction or by sealed bid to the highest responsible bidder, on the terms prescribed by law and as specified in the notice provided, and no land or materials shall be sold for less than their appraised value. However:
(1) When valuable material has been appraised at an amount not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, the department, when authorized by the board, may arrange for the sale at public auction of said valuable material and for its removal under such terms and conditions as the department may prescribe, after the department shall have caused to be published not less than ten days prior to sale a notice of such sale in a newspaper of general circulation located nearest to the property to be sold;
(2) Any sale of valuable material on state-owned aquatic lands of an appraised value of ten thousand dollars or less may be sold directly to the applicant for cash without notice or advertising.
[ 2005 c 155 § 805. FORMERLY PART OF RCW 79.90.210.]


Sales of aquaculture products by a leaseholder: RCW 79.135.040.
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