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Prospecting leasesTermRentConditions.

Leases for prospecting purposes may be for a term of up to seven years from the date of the lease. The lessee shall pay an annual lease rental as set by the board of natural resources. The annual lease rental shall be paid in advance. The lessee shall not have the right to extract and remove for commercial sale or use from the leased premises any minerals or specified materials found on the premises except upon obtaining a mining contract. The lessee shall perform annual prospecting work in cost amounts as set by the board of natural resources. The lessee may make payment to the department in lieu of the performance of annual prospecting work for up to three years during the term of the lease. Prospecting work performed must contribute to the mineral evaluation of the leased premises.
The lessee may at any time give notice of intent to terminate the lease if all of the covenants of the lease including reclamation are met. The notice of termination of lease shall be made by giving written notice together with copies of all information obtained from the premises. The lease shall terminate sixty days thereafter if all arrears and sums which are due under the lease up to the time of termination have been paid.
[ 1987 c 20 § 6; 1965 c 56 § 6; 1945 c 103 § 1; 1927 c 255 § 158; RRS § 7797-158. Prior: 1897 c 102 §§ 4, 5. Formerly RCW 79.01.628, 78.20.050.]
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