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Grazing landsFish and wildlife goalsTechnical advisory committeeImplementation.

(1) By December 31, 1993, the department of fish and wildlife shall develop goals for the wildlife and fish that this agency manages, to preserve, protect, and perpetuate wildlife and fish on shrub steppe habitat or on lands that are presently agricultural lands, rangelands, or grazable woodlands. These goals shall be consistent with the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem.
(2) By July 31, 1993, the conservation commission shall appoint a technical advisory committee to develop standards that achieve the goals developed in subsection (1) of this section. The committee members shall include but not be limited to technical experts representing the following interests: Agriculture, academia, range management, utilities, environmental groups, commercial and recreational fishing interests, the Washington rangelands committee, Indian tribes, the department of fish and wildlife, the department of natural resources, the department of ecology, conservation districts, and the department of agriculture. A member of the conservation commission shall chair the committee.
(3) By December 31, 1994, the committee shall develop standards to meet the goals developed under subsection (1) of this section. These standards shall not conflict with the recovery of wildlife or fish species that are listed or proposed for listing under the federal endangered species act. These standards shall be utilized to the extent possible in development of coordinated resource management plans to provide a level of management that sustains and perpetuates renewable resources, including fish and wildlife, riparian areas, soil, water, timber, and forage for livestock and wildlife. Furthermore, the standards are recommended for application to model watersheds designated by the Northwest power planning council in conjunction with the conservation commission. The maintenance and restoration of sufficient habitat to preserve, protect, and perpetuate wildlife and fish shall be a major component included in the standards and coordinated resource management plans. Application of standards to privately owned lands is voluntary and may be dependent on funds to provide technical assistance through conservation districts.
(4) The conservation commission shall approve the standards and shall provide them to the departments of natural resources and fish and wildlife, each of the conservation districts, and Washington State University cooperative extension service. The conservation districts shall make these standards available to the public and for coordinated resource management planning. Application to private lands is voluntary.
(5) The department of natural resources shall implement practices necessary to meet the standards developed pursuant to this section on department managed agricultural and grazing lands, consistent with the trust mandate of the Washington state Constitution and Title 79 RCW. The standards may be modified on a site-specific basis as needed to achieve the fish and wildlife goals, and as determined by the department of fish and wildlife, and the department of natural resources. Existing lessees shall be provided an opportunity to participate in any site-specific field review. Department agricultural and grazing leases issued after December 31, 1994, shall be subject to practices to achieve the standards that meet those developed pursuant to this section.


FindingsGrazing lands1993 sp.s. c 4: See RCW 79.13.600.
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