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Amateur radio electronic repeater sites and unitsReduced rental ratesFrequencies.

The department shall determine the lease rate for amateur radio electronic repeater sites and units available for public service communication. For the amateur operator to qualify for a rent of one hundred dollars per year per site, the amateur operator shall do one of the following: (1) Register and remain in good standing with the state's radio amateur civil emergency services and amateur radio emergency services organizations, or (2) if an amateur group, sign a statement of public service developed by the department.
The legislature's biennial appropriations shall account for the estimated difference between the one hundred dollar per year, per site, per lessee paid by the qualified amateur operators and the fair market amateur rent, as established by the department.
The amateur radio regulatory authority approved by the federal communication commission shall assign the radio frequencies used by amateur radio lessees. The department shall develop guidelines to determine which lessees are to receive reduced rental fees as moneys are available by legislative appropriation to pay a portion of the rent for electronic repeaters operated by amateur radio operators.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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