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(1) When in the judgment of the department there is sufficient interest for the lease of state lands, it must inspect each tract of land as to its topography, development potential, forestry, agricultural, and grazing qualities; the presence of coal, mineral, stone, gravel, or other valuable materials; the distance from any city or town, railroad, river, irrigation canal, ditch, or other waterway; and location of utilities.
(2) The department may survey any state lands to determine the area subject to lease.
(3) It is the duty of the department to prepare all reports, data, and information in its records pertaining to any proposed lease.
(4) The department may order that any particular application for a lease be held in abeyance pending further inspection and report by the department. Based on the further inspection and report, the department must determine whether or not, and the terms upon which, the proposed lease is consummated.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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