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Vacation of waterwaysExtension of streets.

If a waterway established under the laws of this state, or any portion of the waterway, has not been excavated, or is not used for navigation, or is not required in the public interest to exist as a waterway, the waterway or a portion of the waterway may be vacated by written order of the commissioner upon request by ordinance or resolution of the city council of the city in which such waterway is located or by resolution of the port commission of the port district in which the waterway is located. If the waterway or a portion of the waterway which is vacated is navigable water of the United States, or otherwise within the jurisdiction of the United States, a copy of the resolution or ordinance, together with a copy of the vacation order of the commissioner shall be submitted to the United States army corps of engineers for their approval, and if they approve, the waterway or a portion of the waterway is vacated. However, if a port district owns property abutting the waterway and the provisions of this section are otherwise satisfied, the waterway, or the portion of the waterway that abuts the port district property, shall be vacated.
Upon vacation of a waterway, the commissioner shall notify the city in which the waterway is located, and the city has the right, if otherwise permitted by RCW 79.125.200, to extend across the portions so vacated any existing streets, or to select portions of the waterway as the city may desire for street purposes, in no case to exceed one hundred fifty feet in width for any one street. The selection shall be made within sixty days subsequent to the receipt of notice of the vacation of the portion of the waterway.
If the city fails to make a selection within the time, or selects only a portion of the waterway, the title of the remaining portions of the vacated waterway shall vest in the state, unless the waterway is located within the territorial limits of a port district, in which event, if otherwise permitted by RCW 79.125.200, the title shall vest in the port district. The title is subject to any railroad or street railway crossings existing at the time of the vacation.


Effective date1984 c 221: See RCW 79.105.902.
Application to existing property rights: RCW 79.105.040.
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