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Relinquishment to United States, in certain cases of reserved mineral rights.

Whenever the state shall have heretofore sold or may hereafter sell any state lands and issued a contract of purchase or executed a deed of conveyance therefor, in which there is a reservation of all oils, gases, coal, ores, minerals, and fossils of every kind and of rights in connection therewith, and the United States of America shall have acquired for governmental purposes and uses all right, title, claim, and interest of the purchaser, or grantee, or his or her successors in interest or assigns, in or to the contract or the land described therein, except such reserved rights, and no oils, gases, coal, ores, minerals, or fossils of any kind have been discovered or are known to exist in or upon such lands, the commissioner may, if it is advisable, cause to be prepared a deed of conveyance to the United States of America of such reserved rights, and certify the same to the governor in the manner provided by law for deeds to state lands, and the governor shall be, and hereby is authorized to execute, and the secretary of state to attest, a deed of conveyance for such reserved rights to the United States of America.
[ 2003 c 334 § 449; 1931 c 105 § 1; RRS § 8124-1. Formerly RCW 79.08.110.]


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
Certification of deed to governor: RCW 79.02.270.
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