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Transfer of certain vesselsVessel inspectionSecondary liability.

(1) A vessel owner must obtain a vessel inspection under this section prior to transferring a vessel that is:
(a) More than thirty-five feet in length and more than forty years old; and
(b) Either:
(i) Is registered or required to be registered under chapter 88.02 RCW; or
(ii) Is listed or required to be listed under chapter 84.40 RCW.
(2) If the vessel inspection determines the vessel is not seaworthy, as defined by agency rule, and the value of the vessel is less than the anticipated costs required to return the vessel to seaworthiness, then the vessel owner may not sell or transfer ownership of the vessel unless:
(a) The vessel is repaired to a seaworthy state prior to the transfer of ownership; or
(b) The vessel is sold for scrap, restoration, salvage, or another use that will remove the vessel from state waters to a person displaying a business license issued under RCW 19.02.070 that a reasonable person in the seller's position would believe has the capability and intent to do based on factors that may include the buyer's facilities, resources, documented intent, and relevant history.
(3) Where required under subsection (1) of this section, a vessel owner must provide a copy of the vessel inspection documentation to the transferee and, if the department did not conduct the inspection, to the department prior to the transfer.
(4) Unless rules adopted by the department provide otherwise, the vessel inspection required under this section must be contained in a formal marine survey conducted by a third party to the transaction. The survey must include, at a minimum, a conclusion relating to the seaworthiness of the vessel, an estimate of the vessel's fair market value, and, if applicable, an estimate as to the anticipated cost of repairs necessary to return the vessel to seaworthiness.
(5) The department may, by rule, allow other forms of vessel condition determinations, such as United States coast guard certificates of inspection, to replace the requirements for a formal marine survey under this section.
(6) Failure to comply with the requirements of this section will result in the transferor having secondary liability under RCW 79.100.060 if the vessel is later abandoned by the transferee or becomes derelict prior to a subsequent ownership transfer.
(7) Nothing in this section prevents a vessel owner from removing, dismantling, and lawfully disposing of any vessel lawfully under the vessel owner's control.


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Effective date2013 c 291 § 38: "Section 38 of this act takes effect July 1, 2014." [ 2013 c 291 § 48.]
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