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A written contract shall be entered into with the successful bidder which shall fix the time when logging operations shall be commenced and concluded and require monthly payments for timber removed as soon as scale sheets have been tabulated and the amount of timber removed during the month determined, or require payments monthly in advance at the discretion of the board or the department. The board and the department shall designate the price per thousand to be paid for each species of timber and shall provide for supervision of logging operations, the methods of scaling and report, and shall require the purchaser to comply with all laws of the state of Washington with respect to fire protection and logging operation of the timber purchased; and shall contain such other provisions as may be deemed advisable.
[ 2003 c 334 § 516; 1939 c 130 § 6; RRS § 7879-16. Formerly RCW 79.60.070, 79.52.050, part.]


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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