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Removal of timberTreble damages.

Every person who shall cut or remove, or cause to be cut or removed, any timber growing or being upon any public lands of the state, including a Christmas tree as defined in *RCW 76.48.020, or who shall manufacture the same into logs, bolts, shingles, lumber or other articles of use or commerce, unless expressly authorized so to do by a bill of sale from the state, or by a lease or contract from the state under which he or she holds possession of such lands, or by provisions of law under which the bill of sale, lease or contract was issued, shall be liable to the state for treble the value of the timber or other articles cut, removed, or manufactured, to be recovered in a civil action, and shall forfeit to the state all interest in any article into which the timber is manufactured.


*Reviser's note: RCW 76.48.020 was recodified as RCW 76.48.021 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.
Firewood on state lands: Chapter 79.15 RCW.
Injunction to prevent waste on public land: RCW 64.12.050.
Injury to or removing trees, etc.Damages: RCW 64.12.030.
Penalty for destroying native flora: RCW 47.40.080.
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