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Drilling permitsApplicationsHearingFees.

(1) Any person proposing to drill a well or redrill an abandoned well for geothermal resources shall file with the department a written application for a permit to commence such drilling or redrilling on a form prescribed by the department accompanied by a permit fee of two hundred dollars. The department shall forward a duplicate copy to the department of ecology within ten days of filing.
(2) Upon receipt of a proper application relating to drilling or redrilling the department shall set a date, time, and place for a public hearing on the application. The public hearing on the drilling application shall be in the county in which the drilling or redrilling is proposed to be made.
(3) Any person proposing to drill a core hole for the purpose of gathering geothermal data, including but not restricted to heat flow, temperature gradients, and rock conductivity, shall be required to obtain a single permit covering all core holes according to subsection (1) of this section, including a single permit fee. Such core holes as described by this subsection are not required to be the subject of a public hearing but are subject to all other provisions of this chapter, including a bond or other security as specified in RCW 78.60.130.
(4) All moneys paid to the department under this section shall be deposited with the state treasurer for credit to the general fund.
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