Chapter 77.60 RCW



77.60.010State oyster reserves established.
77.60.020Sale or lease of state oyster reserves.
77.60.030State oyster reserves management policyPersonal use harvestingInventoryManagement categoriesCultch permits.
77.60.040Olympia oystersCultivation on reserves in Puget Sound.
77.60.050Sale of shellfish from state oyster reserves.
77.60.060Restricted shellfish areasInfestationsPermit.
77.60.070Geoduck clams, commercial harvestingUnauthorized actsGear requirements.
77.60.080Imported oyster seedPermit and inspection required.
77.60.090Imported oyster seedInspectionCosts.
77.60.100Establishment of reserves on state shellfish lands.
77.60.150Oyster reserve landPilot projectAdvisory committeeLease administration.
77.60.160Oyster reserve land account.
77.60.170ShellfishOn-site sewage grant programPriority areasMemorandum of understanding.