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If fishway is impractical, fish hatchery or cultural facility may be provided in lieu.

Before a person commences construction on a dam or other hydraulic project for which the director determines that a fishway is impractical, the person shall at the option of the director:
(1) Convey to the state a fish cultural facility on a site satisfactory to the director and constructed according to plans and specifications approved by the director, and enter into an agreement with the director secured by sufficient bond, to furnish water and electricity, without expense, and funds necessary to operate and maintain the facilities; or
(2) Enter into an agreement with the director secured by sufficient bond to make payments to the state as the director determines are necessary to expand, maintain, and operate additional facilities at existing hatcheries within a reasonable distance of the dam or other hydraulic work to compensate for the damages caused by the dam or other hydraulic work.
(3) A decision of the director under this section is subject to review in the superior court of the state for Thurston county. Each day that a person carries on construction work or operates a dam or hydraulic project without complying with this section is a separate offense.
[ 1983 1st ex.s. c 46 § 74; 1955 c 12 § 75.20.090. Prior: 1949 c 112 § 48; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 5780-322. Formerly RCW 77.55.080, 75.20.090.]
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