Chapter 77.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 77.50.010Limitations on commercial fishing for salmon in Puget Sound waters.
HTMLPDF 77.50.020Limitations on commercial fishing for chinook or coho salmon in Pacific Ocean and Straits of Juan de Fuca.
HTMLPDF 77.50.030Salmon fishing gear.
HTMLPDF 77.50.040Commercial net fishing for salmon in tributaries of Columbia riverBoundaries defined.
HTMLPDF 77.50.050Reef net salmon fishing gearReef net areas specified.
HTMLPDF 77.50.060Unauthorized fishing vessels entering state waters.
HTMLPDF 77.50.070Limitation on salmon fishing gear in Pacific Ocean.
HTMLPDF 77.50.080Possession or transportation in Pacific Ocean of salmon taken by other than troll lines or angling gear.
HTMLPDF 77.50.090Bottom trawling not authorizedAreas specified.
HTMLPDF 77.50.100Hood Canal shrimpLimitation on number of shrimp pots.
HTMLPDF 77.50.110Commercial salmon fishingUnauthorized gear.
HTMLPDF 77.50.120Maintaining consistent salmon harvest levels.