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Trapping or killing wildlife threatening human safety or causing property damageLimitations and conditionsRules.

(1) Subject to limitations and conditions established by the commission, the owner, the owner's immediate family member, the owner's documented employee, or a tenant of real property may trap, consistent with RCW 77.15.194, or kill wildlife that is threatening human safety or causing property damage on that property, without the licenses required under RCW 77.32.010 or authorization from the director under RCW 77.12.240.
(2) The commission shall establish the limitations and conditions of this section by rule. The rules must include:
(a) Appropriate protection for threatened or endangered species;
(b) Instances when verbal or written permission is required to kill wildlife;
(c) Species that may be killed under this section; and
(d) Requirements for the disposal of wildlife trapped or killed under this section.
(3) In establishing the limitations and conditions of this section, the commission shall take into consideration the recommendations of the Washington state wolf conservation and management plan.


Effective dateApplication2009 c 333 §§ 53-66: See notes following RCW 77.36.010.
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