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Removal of trapIdentification of trapsDisclosure of identities.

A property owner, lessee, or tenant may remove a trap placed on the owner's, lessee's, or tenant's posted or fenced property by a trapper.
Trappers shall attach to the chain of their traps or devices a legible metal tag with either the department identification number of the trapper or the name and address of the trapper in English letters not less than one-eighth inch in height.
When a property owner, lessee, or tenant presents a trapper identification number to the department for a trap found upon the property of the owner, lessee, or tenant and requests identification of the trapper, the department shall provide the requestor with the name and address of the trapper. Prior to disclosure of the trapper's name and address, the department shall obtain the name and address of the requesting individual in writing and after disclosing the trapper's name and address to the requesting individual, the requesting individual's name and address shall be disclosed in writing to the trapper whose name and address was disclosed.


Effective date1993 sp.s. c 2 §§ 1-6, 8-59, and 61-79: See RCW 43.300.900.
Effective dateIntent, constructionSavingsSeverability1980 c 78: See notes following RCW 77.04.010.
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