Chapter 77.12 RCW



77.12.010Limitation on prohibiting fishing with bait or artificial lures.
77.12.020Wildlife to be classified.
77.12.031Llamas and alpacas.
77.12.035Protection of grizzly bearsLimitation on transplantation or introductionNegotiations with federal and state agencies.
77.12.037Acquisition, use, and management of propertyCondemnationWhen authorized.
77.12.038Notification requirements.
77.12.039Acceptance of funds or property for damage claims or conservation of fish, shellfish, and wildlife resources.
77.12.043Contracts and agreements for propagation of fish or shellfish.
77.12.045Territorial authority of commissionAdoption of federal regulations and rules of fisheries commissions and compacts.
77.12.047Scope of commission's authority to adopt rulesApplication to private tideland owners or lessees of the state.
77.12.058Pollinator habitat.
77.12.068Dissemination of information about RCW 77.15.740 and responsible wildlife viewing.
77.12.071Sampling of fish, wildlife, or shellfish by department employees.
77.12.075Fish and wildlife federal lands revolving account.
77.12.077Use of dogs to hunt/pursue black bear, cougar, bobcatRulesTraining programNonlethal pursuit.
77.12.085Liberalized bag limits for bass, walleye, and channel catfish.
77.12.140Acquisition or sale of wildlife.
77.12.150Game seasonsOpening and closingSpecial hunt.
77.12.152Commission may designate fishing areas.
77.12.154Right of entryAircraft operated by department.
77.12.170Limited fish and wildlife accountDepositsFish, wildlife, and conservation accountEstablishedDeposits.
77.12.177Disposition of moneys collectedProceeds from sale of commercial licenses and fish, shellfish, or wildlife.
77.12.184Deposit of moneys from various activitiesProduction of regulation booklets.
77.12.190Use of moneys in the limited fish and wildlife account and fish, wildlife, and conservation account.
77.12.201Counties may elect to receive an amount in lieu of taxesCounty to record collections for violations of law or rulesDeposit.
77.12.203In lieu payments authorizedProcedureGame lands defined.
77.12.204Grazing landsFish and wildlife goalsImplementation.
77.12.210Department propertyManagement, sale.
77.12.220Acquisition or transfer of property.
77.12.230Local assessments against department property.
77.12.240Authority to take wildlifeDisposition.
77.12.262Fish and wildlife officers compensation insuranceMedical aid.
77.12.264Fish and wildlife officersRelieved from active duty when injuredCompensation.
77.12.266Relocation or introduction of wolves, coyotes, lynx, bobcats, and other big gameNotice and public hearing.
77.12.272Elk hoof diseaseProgram to monitor and assess causes of and potential solutions forWashington State University college of veterinary medicine designated as state lead.
77.12.275Agreements with department of defense.
77.12.285Agreements with United States to protect Columbia river fishFish cultural stations and protective devices.
77.12.320Agreements for purposes related to fish, shellfish, and wildlifeAcceptance of compensation, gifts, grantsIndemnification.
77.12.323Special wildlife accountInvestments.
77.12.325Cooperation with Oregon to assure yields of Columbia river fish, shellfish, and wildlife.
77.12.330Exclusive fishing waters for youths.
77.12.360Withdrawal of state land from leaseCompensation.
77.12.370Withdrawal of state land from leaseCounty procedures, approval, hearing.
77.12.380Withdrawal of state land from leaseActions by commissioner of public lands.
77.12.390Withdrawal of state land from leasePayment.
77.12.395WolvesConflict mitigation guidelines.
77.12.420Improvement of conditions for growth of game fish.
77.12.451Director may take or sell fish or shellfishRestrictions on sale of salmon.
77.12.453Wanapum (Sokulk) IndiansPermits to take salmon and other freshwater food fish.
77.12.455Prevention and suppression of diseases and pests.
77.12.459Release and recapture of salmon or steelhead prohibited.
77.12.465Abandoned or derelict vessels.
77.12.467Wildlife rehabilitation programRequirements to receive fundingReports accounting for all expenditures of state fundsPermitted expendituresAdoption of rules.
77.12.469Renewal of wildlife rehabilitation licensesAdoption of rules.
77.12.471Wildlife rehabilitation account.
77.12.475Fish and wildlife equipment revolving account.
77.12.540Public shooting groundsEffect of filingUse for booming.
77.12.550Tidelands used as public shooting groundsDiversion.
77.12.560Tidelands used as public shooting groundsRules.
77.12.570Game farm licensesRulesExemption.
77.12.580Game farmsAuthority to dispose of eggs.
77.12.590Game farmsTagging of productsExemption.
77.12.600Game farmsShipping of wildlifeExemption.
77.12.610Check stationsPurpose.
77.12.620Check stationsStopping for inspection.
77.12.630Check stationsOther inspections, powers.
77.12.650Protection of bald eagles and their habitatsCooperation required.
77.12.655Habitat buffer zones for bald eaglesRules.
77.12.670Migratory bird permit/migratory bird license validationsDeposit and use of revenues.
77.12.690Annual migratory bird permit designAdministration, sale, and distributionDeposit and use of funds.
77.12.702Rockfish research and stock assessment programReport to the legislatureRockfish research account.
77.12.722Canada goose huntingSeason or bag limit restriction.
77.12.732Transfer of ownership of department-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
77.12.734Transfer of ownership of department-owned vesselFurther requirements.
77.12.755Ranked inventory of fish passage barriers.
77.12.760Steelhead trout fishery.
77.12.765Tilton and Cowlitz riversProposals to reinstate salmon and steelhead.
77.12.790Eastern Washington pheasant enhancement programPurpose.
77.12.800Pheasant huntingOpportunities for juvenile hunters.
77.12.810Small game hunting licenseDisposition of fee.
77.12.820Eastern Washington pheasant enhancement accountCreatedUse of moneysReport to the legislature.
77.12.852Washington salmon stamp programCreation.
77.12.854Washington junior salmon stamp programCreation.
77.12.858Deposit of receiptsExpenditures.
77.12.860Stamp designDepartment's rule-making authority.
77.12.865Derelict fishing gearGuidelines for removal and disposal.
77.12.870Derelict fishing gear and shellfish pots databaseReporting requirements.
77.12.880Wildlife program management.
77.12.885Reported predatory wildlife interactionsWebsite posting.
77.12.887Washington conservation corps.


Wild salmonid policy: RCW 77.65.420.