Chapter 76.48 RCW



76.48.011Declaration of public interest.
76.48.031Specialized forest products permitsRequiredInspection.
76.48.041Contents of authorization, sales invoice, or bill of lading.
76.48.051Specialized forest products permitTrue copy.
76.48.061Permit requirements.
76.48.071Validation of forms for verifiable permits and validated permits.
76.48.081Specialized forest products permitsExpirationSpecifications.
76.48.091Acceptance and validation of permitsAuthorized agents.
76.48.101Possession of specialized forest products by first or secondary buyerDisplay of documentationSpecialty wood processors.
76.48.111Specialized forest products buyers and huckleberry buyersRequired records.
76.48.121Display of business license.
76.48.131Unlawful acts.
76.48.141False, fraudulent, forged, or stolen specialized forest products permit, sales invoice, bill of lading, etc.Penalty.
76.48.151PenaltiesAffirmative defense.
76.48.161Multiple convictions for violating RCW 76.48.141 or 76.48.151Suspension of privileges to obtain a specialized forest products permit.
76.48.171Disposition of fines.
76.48.181Agencies responsible for enforcement of chapter.
76.48.191Detention of specialized forest products and documentation.
76.48.201Protection of items seized under RCW 76.48.191Disposition of items.
76.48.221Effect of RCW 76.48.031 with respect to huckleberries.
76.48.231Department to develop educational material.
76.48.241Assistance and training for minority groups.
76.48.251Specialized forest products outreach and education account.
76.48.907Saving1967 ex.s. c 47.